10 de June de 2016

translated lyrics below!


1 . Divisas / Divides

To escape every divide
All of the rest pigmented by life
When all the chances are gone
All paths seem useless
Misfortunes behave themselves and futile
Every string looks withdrawn and foolish
The shadows, darkness cancelled in intensity
Will appear even yesterday
Reversed lights of the void existence
Will be the return
When the cages sound
Will be naked body, the ending, white canvas
When at last
Uninterested passage
Will life be
And nothing else will be needed
It will be free, ultimate and beautiful

2 . Contínuo Nú / Nude Continuous

Fury of white pages
The immensity of indescribable potentials, canvas of intangible dreams
Bitter home of ties, knot, outcome of the opposite that crashes in sun
White revelries filled with sleeping rubies in a cloudy sky blue
Heavenly meeting of the scattered
Endless debittering of the wholeness
End and beginning amidst oneself
Beginning of hand in new yes
Again, and again

With you nude, the nude… flight turning to gold, unto the pain, the pain
Scent of fructiferous wound and mud
Though never gauged around the flowerscares
True mix of plants gifted with a nevered life
Vertiginous formation of so few rules
No compass, no ruler, no reins,
White fire, des in mild
Many words
And in one of them, have it
Have it with no reins.

3 . Sol o Surdo / Deaf the Sun

Divings in the seas of the greatest
Are like flights to the leastest
Cyclic redundancy of the opposite deepening
In the floating perception of illusion

To rise to the sky to know the ground
And from the ground to fall and hover over the infinite
It doesn’t matter, beautiful are the tangencies
That purge in the way

Naked, I walk

4 . Pés Calados / Silent Feet

In the pool where hover abbreviated wishings
To fall away with silent feet
To spread armfuls to the infinity of the void
To embrace the lack of rhythm of the mourning circumstances
Not to fly, to come undone by firming your feet in the fountains
While you can’t cross the bridges of the fears

With heavy feet a void existence was undone
From armful of notes in the infinite the circumstances were thrown off the rhythm
It did not fly, it unravelled in the sin of keeping your feet firm in the fountains
It did not cross the fairest bridges

Circumstances in mourning
Abbreviated wishings
Armfuls to the infinite
Lack of rhythm, fear, wish

6 . Percepção em Portas / Perception in Doors

My view burns only their hair

I’m now adrift
Immense, vapid, in true exit
I feel drowned, wise and inert
Stuck in your wound

For an entire age I ripped what was saved in me
And I stripped
I wept for the earth and smiled at the sun
Looked deep inside as if in embers only my eyes were able to see there
And I noticed the leap came to life just as was happening
And I noticed the leap remained to be given
And I did not know if it was life or if it was death
Or even if I was not able to foresee between, the cut
And I smiled

After all I had already stared at the sun
I had already, in my own sun, me as the sun
And it was not all me anymore, but a brief sliver of sun that still is not
And that for me it’s even better
Conscience of yet to be alone with everything
To come and turn into sun

Just to turn into lightning
Only rain or thunder
Only to turn into sea
The breeze spreads in any direction

7 . Nexo em Reflexo / Sense in Reflection

There was sand in the eyes
Fine and clear water evaporated my mind
Unfocus in flakes of the almost nothing
Permeating unbelieving living

Closing and opening them
Inebriated, ran after the memories
And even more suns and seas shone brightly
And gales of dust in little stellar portions
And as it passed, claimed to every grain

Ground me to the mists of clouds
Lift me to the naked breezes
Swallow me in waves’ arms
Berth me in sea kisses

I remembered the sea mist
I shut my eyes and in me, I’d go
With the moon the brother got confused
Overflown with burned memories like still alive water
I’d spread in light and retire myself into the day
Quick and fugitive for many times it set and rose

Until the encounter of the sense in reflection
In naked reactor, moonlight, at last, burst