10 de June de 2016

Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and poet born in Campinas, São Paulo, had his first contact with music since his early days. Son of a saxophonist and grandson of a writer and an elementary school teacher, he learned the basics of reading, writing and guitar playing among his family members and along his life has been studying in an autodidact way.

His ears walks around and it’s modeled by diversified genres that go from erudite music, flamenco, to MPB, samba, going through the blues, funk, rock and also through Brazilian regional rhythms like maracatú, baião e forró from Brazilian northeast, the “moda de viola” (country music analog) and many others.

Started acting professionally as a musician in 2015 recording his first album Incandescente, but the professional relation with art exists since he started his career in visual communication working with multimedia, design and programming since 2000.

Perhaps the most interesting point regarding the psychedelic tone and the lack of ties in the mixing, comparing and questioning of ideas, rhythms and, above all, aesthetics, is that the essence of recent Camus’ influence on his paradigms was already permeating the values that shape his work even before knowing the Theory of Absurdity. That was, probably, the essence that conducted through the way that culminated on the discovery of the theory, therefore, on a reading that, for him, it’s one of the most lucid that he ever had the pleasure to meet: The Myth of Sisyphus. In his own words: “So lucid that it proves how it’s opposite – the lack of sense – seems to permeate all the existence, something that fascinates me and continues to inspire the subjective and psychedelic character of my artistic creation”.

The execution of his work brings a virtuosic aura, freed, denoted by purposeful discrepant stretches, false outcomes and concurrent solos that benefit an atmosphere full of subjectivity and accentuated metaphysical flavor.

A groundbreaking artist, authentic, seeking the subjectivity that once immerse on the fusion between music, literature, psychology and philosophy can edify by deconstructing paradigms and subverting aesthetics. A form of lycanthropic holism, something which extends to the infinite, to the surreal…